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Climate Change

A climate change adaptation planning project is an assessment of risks and a series of actions taken to lessen the effects of climate change within our community.

Community members have been experiencing climate change effects for quite some time. Some of these effects include seasons shifting and changes in animal movement patterns.

Esgenoôpetitj is located on the coast of the gulf of St.Lawrence and has the potential to be impacted through sea-level rise and coastal erosion. Water levels are expected to rise due to an increase in precipitation caused by climate change (Government of New Brunswick, 2021) Water levels are a big concern due to the number of rivers and brooks flowing through Esgenoopetitj, holding riverine and coastal habitats. These effects can impact community members' abilities to fish and hunt and may alter sacred grounds used for gathering medicines and holding traditional and ceremonial practices. 

Our team will be working closely with community members to analyze and address areas of concerns and vulnerabilities in Esgenoôpetitj. We will hold events and meetings with Esgenoôpetitj and surrounding communities to gain information and a better understanding of climate change and flood risks through Indigenous knowledge. 

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