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Indigenous Green School Program

The IGSP is an indigenous led, hands-on, curriculum-linked, environmental educational program developed to give children and youth the skills and resources they need to learn about Mother Earth and ways to help protect it by encouraging environmental stewardship through fun activities while also learning about Indigenous and Traditional Ecological Knowledge through community elders.

The focus during this year’s project is to create and implement the IGSP by working with the Esgenoôpetitj and Tabusintac Middle School (Grade 6-8) students, teachers, staff and elders to help create 4 Educational Kits within the program.  

The IGSP is made of 4 environmental educational kits.

There is the Tree Planting Educational Kit, which includes the students learning about the different types of trees from our region, their importance and how to plant trees.


The second one is the Erosion Educational Kit where students will learn about coastal erosion happening in their area, what erosion is, how to use current technologies, measure erosion over time and ways to mitigate erosion.

The Indigenous and Traditional Knowledge Educational Kit involves Tabusintac and Esgenoôpetitj middle school students learning about the history of our region from an elders or knowledge holder.


And finally, the Bird House Educational Kit includes learning about different types of birds from our region, why their important, threats and how to build a bird house.


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