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Esgenoôpetitj Community Lands and Resources Plan


What is this?

It is a community developed lands and resources use plan that will help develop a base for an official Land Use Plan for Esgenoôpetitj First Nation.

In this Community Lands and Resources Plan we will write up a guide on how to appropriately manage our land and resources while keeping the environment in mind for future generations!

Community Involvement?

We are working with all community members to develop a robust lands and resources plan!


Where can I access this?

A full guide on the Lands and Resources Plan can be found on this page under the interactive lands and resources map.


Healthy Community, Happy Community

By reading these guidelines written in these documents, you will be educated on the importance of our wetlands and buffer zones!


Where and how?

We will be uploading documents on this page with maps, a written guide and announcement on social media. We are hoping to get this project finished by the end of 2022.

Esgenoopetitj Watershed map.jpg

Does this mean all reservations part of Esgenoôpetitj First Nation including Tabusintac AND Pokemouche?

Only if funding permits.


Land Use Plan

With this community lands and resources plan, we are hoping that it is implemented into our reserve land use plan when one is needed and/or created.


Interactive CLRP Map Preview

Please take note that the final map may differ from this interactive map preview. This map is to give you can idea of the future CLRP is to be. This map is not endorsed by Esgenoôpetitj First Nation or any of its entities.

All data is retrieved from the Government of Canada (Reserve map), and GeoNB (Buildings, Water courses, shoreline, wetlands, and their buffer zones.

Land Use Zoning is not official, it is just to show an example of areas considered to be, respectively in their zones.


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